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We've designed the Rainbow Reykjavik Shop to give you a range of options to choose from. If you want to take part in the entire programme from Feb 11 - 14 we recommend you get the "Premium Package" which gives you a 10% discount. Some of you may want to pick and choose which activities to take part in, if so, we recommend the "Basic Package", to which you can add activities of your choice. For those of you arriving a few days before the festival, or leaving a few days after the festival make sure you check out our extended programme of exciting tour. The Northern Lights Tour is sold seperately and will be refunded if we don't go. Click here for terms and conditions.

The following tours and activities are all included in the Premium Package but can be purchased seperately below.

These tours are a part of the Extended Programme for those arriving before the festival starts and/or staying longer.

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