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LGBTQI Iceland

The gay scene and society in Iceland is small but active and open, it exists mostly in the capital Reykjavík but the northern branch in Akureyri is getting stronger each year. Iceland as a gay friendly destination has gotten great reviews, it has landed on various top ten lists and gotten 5 pink stars by Diva magazine. With its gay friendly atmosphere Iceland has come a long way since the Gay rights association, Samtökin'78  were founded in 1978 by small but brave group of people. Reykjavík Pride has become one of the biggest celebrations of the nation with up to 100.000 people attending the parade and the down town festivities. Prejudice towards lgbt people are very rare and the vast majority of Icelanders consider themselves allies. 


PS. You have noticed that we use the words LGBT, LGBTQI, Queer, Gay, Lesbian, etc on this site. No hurt is intended and we truly believe in offering an inclusive festival. We are also slaves to search engines and not everyone searches using the same abbreviations or words which means we have to use them all! We hope you understand. 

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