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So you're thinking about getting married in Iceland?

Pink Iceland specializes in same sex marriages and assists couples preparing everything they need  for their big day.

Once you have decided the date, the type of ceremony and that you want to have your wedding in Iceland, Pink Iceland will send you a form to fill out prior to your departure and assist you with all the details.

These are the requirements regarding marriage in Iceland:

- You have to be 18 years of age.

- A birth certificate and a valid passport have to be presented.

- A certificate of marital status has to be presented (does not apply to U.S. citizens).

- If you have been married before, you have to present a divorce decree (original) signed by the Ministry of Justice in Reykjavik.

- If you are widow/widower official documents regarding estate/or collected assets and liabilities of a deceased person has to be presented.

- An application form from the office of the District Magistrate of Reykjavik has to be filled out and two best men (witnesses, one for each) certifying ability for marriage, must either have written their names on the application form in advance or do it in the office. The witnesses must be over 18 years old and their birthday/month/year is needed as well as their signature. The witnesses do not need to be at the weeding, although we're sure you might want them there, but full signature/birthday/month/year is required.

- Please note that this document is only available in Icelandic so therefore we'll send you two copies attached, one you have to fill in and another with explanations in English on how to fill the form in.

- Condition of getting your ceremony done in Iceland is that you have to be in the country legally. This you can prove by something that shows date of arrival (like a passport stamp or the airline ticket) or a visa, if one was required to enter the country.

- The documents can not be more than thirty days old on the day of the marriage and the papers have to arrive a week before so they can be looked over and approved.

Get in touch with Pink Iceland if you have any enquiries!

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